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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions from Dog Owners

Q . Will my dog be minded in my home or in the minder's home?
A. One of the many benefits of DOGGY MINDERS is that any arrangements made are by negotiation between you and your dog's minder. Your dog can be minded in the minder's home, or in your home. You will have the choice of many minders to choose from our database, once you have registered as a Dog Owner.

Q . Can I meet the Dog Minder before my dog / dogs stay?
A. Yes. It is very important you feel comfortable with your Dog's Minder and that the Minder feels confident that they will be able to care for your dog. Knowing where your dog will be staying also allows the dog to become familiar with his new part time home. You can meet many times before actually leaving your dog with the minder, and build a relationship with the minder, so that by the time you need the minder, you and also your dog is 100% comfortable with trusting your dog with the minder. Once you have joined, you will have full access to ALL minders in our database, so you can meet with as many as you like, until you find one who is suitable for your needs.

Q. Will my dog be allowed inside?
A. As you are dealing directly with the dog minder of your choice, any arrangements that you desire are made between you and the dog minder. Usually your dog will be inside and treated as part of the family. Since subscription to our service allows you access to every minder on our database you may contact several before you decide on the best for your beloved pet.

Q. Will my dog be walked and excercised?
A. Most Minders walk your dog daily and they understand the importance of a daily walk. You can make excercise specific with your negotiations with your Minder.

Q. Can I just get my dog walked, excercised, groomed etc.?
A. Some people do not need their dogs boarded, but just to have them excercised or other services, so that is one of the many benefits of DOGGY MINDERS. You can negotiate between yourself and your dog minder exactly what you and your beloved pet want and need.

Q. Once I have signed up do I have unlimited access to the directory?
A. Yes. There are no hidden costs for using the site. When you are a member you have full access to the Doggy Minder database for the term of your subscription.

Q. Is your payment gateway secure.
A. Yes! All payments are processed through PayPal. PayPal is an internationally renown secure payment processor.

Q. Can our dog be looked after for a long period?
A. Yes, there are no restrictions on length of stay. You simply need to contact the minder and inquire if they can look after your dog for an extended period, it's that easy! Usually longer term stays cost less per day.

Q. What are the minders' daily rates? How much do the minders charge?
A. Rates vary widely. Short term with all services will of course be more than for longer terms . Also if you just need your dog fed in your own home, this would be cheaper per day than for someone providing full services and supplying food, excercise and a secure backyard at their own home. Dog Minders display their indicative rates on the site. You are free to negotiate rates with minders. You pay the minder directly and there is no other fee from us. Doggy minders' fees are usually between $5 and $25 per dog per day --- MUCH cheaper than boarding kennels and far more favourable for your beloved pet.

Q. What is the difference between "dog minding" and "dog sitting"
A. "Dog minding" is usually at the minders own home. "Dog sitting" is usually where owners go away for just a short period of time and the sitter comes in daily to feed and perhaps excercise your dog. Dog sitting usually is a very cheap alternative to boarding kennels, and much less stressful for your dog. Dogs Bed and Breakfast. The perfect alternative to boarding kennels. Your dog lives and sleeps inside a family home.

Q. Can I find a minder who lives close to me?
A. You can do a search through our database which is sorted by postcode, district and suburb.

Q. Can you re-assure dog owners that the minders listed are ethical reliable businesses ?
A. Dog Minders are not checked by Doggy Minders as to whether they are ethical, reliable businesses. Doggy Minders is only an introduction agency and Doggy Minders takes no responsibility for any dealings that you make between Dog Owner and Dog Minder. We are not responsible for any contract between the parties nor are we responsible for any loss or consequential damages that occur from any agreement made between any Dog Minders or Dog Owners or Dog Buyers or Dog Sellers, or any services offerred on this website.

Q. Do the minders have the appropriate reassurances like insurance, police checks, etc
A. Doggy Minders is an introduction agency only. We are not responsible for any contract between the parties nor are we responsible for any loss or consequential damages that occur from any agreement made between any Dog Minders or Dog Owners or Dog Buyers or Dog Sellers, or any services offerred on this website. These are things that you will have to discuss with the Dog Minder, before using their services.

Q. Can I Find A Dog Minder with lots of experience?
A. Yes! The one thing all our minders have in common is a great passion for dogs. We have a wide range of minders available. Many are qualified trainers and breeders, others are families who would love to have a dog but can't have their own at present for some reason.

Q. I have found a great minder through the free Doggy Minders search, how do I contact them?
A. If you find someone offering the services you require you can obtain their contact details by paying the small annual fee to join Doggy Minders. This enables you to contact everyone in our database directly. The small annual fee will be much less than just a short time at boarding kennels.

Q. If my dog boards what do I need to bring?
A. If you think that your dog would feel more at home, you can arrange with your dog minder for you to bring your dogs bowl, bed, toys, medication, collar and lead or anything else you think your dog will require for their stay.

Q. So if I decide to only to have a "Pet Sitter".
A. Our service allows you the opportunity to leave your pets in the comfort of their own home while you go on holidays, at a fraction of the cost and stress to your dog of having sent to a boarding kennel.

Questions from Dog Minders

Q. I love dogs, but still need to make some extra money.
A. Are you looking to start your own business in the growing pet industry? The pet industry is growing by 11% each year and the main reason for this is that people are starting to view their pets as their children and will do anything to keep their pets happy and the best part is money isn't always a big factor in their decision making. People need someone who cares to look after their beloved dog

Q Can I choose which kind of dogs I would like to mind / groom / excercise / walk / feed etc.?
A. Yes! You can choose exactly what breeds and size of dog you prefer to mind. It is best to be flexible as your preferences may limit the amount of contact you receive. You can always arrange a visit with the owner so you can see if the dog is suitable before the stay and decide then.

Q. What if I'm unsure if the dog is suitable for me to look after?
A. Simply arrange with the owner a suitable time for you to meet the dog before the stay. We recommend this takes place where the dog will be minded so that the dog can become familiar with where he will eventually be staying. This is also beneficial for the dog's owner as they can feel comfortable knowing where their dog will be staying prior to the trip.

Q. Who pays for the dog's food and necessities?
A. This is by negotiation. Usually if the owner is going for an extended period, then it is best for you to supply the food that the owner recommends. This is reflected by an increase in the price that you charge. For shorter periods, the owner supplies all necessary food and equipment, although it is important to discuss this with the owner before minding each dog.

Q. What are the advantages of being a dog minder on the Doggy Minders website?

A. There are so many! You are your own boss, with the opportunity of having a lucrative business, doing something that you love, from your own home. You can choose exactly what size and breeds you prefer as well as when you would like to mind and what nightly rate you charge. The payment that you receive for minding / walking / sitting a dog is all yours, you pay no commission or fees to Doggy Minders.

Q. When I join Doggy Minders, how do I get work?
A. Dog owners will search through our database of Dog Minders and may phone or email you to offer you the job by finding you in the Doggy Minders database. Then you talk directly with them, discuss the services that they require and set up a time to meet each other and to ensure you are comfortable with the dog you are going to mind and the services that you are to provide. Once you have joined as a Dog Minder, then you are also able to search through our database of dog owners in your area.

Please note that the Doggy Minders website, is only an introduction agency, and we do not take any responsibilty for the care of the dogs, or connecting Dog Owners with Dog Carers. (Please see Terms and Conditions for all rules)

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